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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Remember this guy?

Maybe it is the Red bull, maybe it is the lack of sleep, or maybe I am just stupid but i just about pissed my self rumaging through only you tube subscriptions:

And if that wasn't enough, just finished a run through of Bulletstorm, bit short but worth the buy imho and stumbled across this funny scenes compilation:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Must all good things come to an end?

If by now you haven't heard the piss they are pumping into the airwaves on "rock" stations now days, consider yourself lucky. I don't claim to be a professional critic, or even a musician by trade, but the cancer plaguing alternative/mainstream rock has got to end.

Stop using Hinder and Blue October as ringtone for your significant other; none of them are romantic, unless your relationship is a duet of hardcore drug use and infidelity, if so then I stand corrected, and by all means party on Garth. Even worse is Stone sour. i dare you to break down one song and decipher legible, meaningful lyrics; it is a bunch of catch phrases, not that shinedown isn't equally guilty.

It starts with you. if you bought Minutes to Midnight, or 1000 suns, you are funding domestic terrorism. The angst and anger that made Linkin park the unique sound it used to be has been lost in a sea of estrogen and self loathing. We get it, you want to cash in on the lingering Bayside and MCR emo cash crop, but even MCR has moved on to uplifting american idol theme song (yet another crock of shit). It's a bankrupt buisness model guys, your entire target consumer audience will off themselves, more or less induced by your often depressing music.

If you bought you Indie CD's at best buy, THEY AREN'T INDEPENDENT. This indie fest has got to go, for the good and the good of all the church rock was built on. Juno was cute, and the chick from fiest is a looker, but if you don't have a label yet, you probably suck. Stop lying to yourself and saying you choose not to conform to evil elitist producing studios; you haven't ever been invited for a reason. Support local bands, go to their shows, AND HELP THEM GET SIGNED.

Screamo isn't metal. Pink stretchy skinny jeans are not metal. wearing you sisters underwear, and plucking your eyebrows isn't metal. Stop indentifying yourself with the last good form of rock and come to terms with your internal struggle with your sexuality. Wailing nonsense into a mic while your friend paul palm mutes for half an hour and dan strums a generic baseline isn't expression, its a lack of motivation on your part to learn to play an instrument. Music is a talent; not everyone can do it. Walk your flourescent shirts, cut and paste band formulas, and intellectually vapid lyrics back home. leave my metal alone.

Stop listening to A7X. Listen to Strapping Young Lad, Five Finger Death Punch, BFMV(only the poison), and for Deo's sake, invest in some classic rock; know your roots( and not JUST Metallica).

Someone just save us.

Please by all means, fill up the comments, let me know how wrong i am, good bands to check out, band to avoid, and if all else fails, join my pity party.